Services Offered

Hope and Divine Purpose Transitional Living Home, Inc offers housing within a residential community setting. Hope and Divine Purpose Transitional Living Home,Inc intends to offer a variety of self-sufficiency and empowerment programming. The Collaborative Model to Empowering an Individual Rescue Program will help grow and develop successful, empowered self-sufficient individuals. The different elements of the program are as follows:

> Therapeutic Counseling - Youth will receive one-on-one and group counseling to identify and address various issues in their lives such as depression,emotional distress,suicidal ideations associated with trauma etc. Group counseling sessions will focus on specific life management issues such as crisis management, family management and relationships.

> Quality of Life Skills Training – Youth will be taught various skills that help them to live a more productive lifestyle. Sessions will include teachings on anger management, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-esteem, assertiveness training,budget management,health & wellness etc.

> Computer Training – We will provide computer training to help youth develop computer skills to prepare them for the workplace.

> Education Assistance- Our educational program provides basic skills training such as reading, math, language, etc. to assist individuals in obtaining their High School Diploma/General Education Diploma (GED). We will also provide them with resources to further their education.

> Motivational Mentoring- Each youth will be paired up with a Motivational Mentor(Case Manager) that will track progression of the youth assigned to their caseload while offering positive encouragement, face to face ongoing support academically, socially and/or personally.

> Housing Assistance/Independent Living/Follow-up- We will provide a Phase II transition which consists of offering Independent Living in an apartment residential setting. Our 24 hr on-site staff will conduct hourly site rounds to ensure safety. Motivational Mentors(Case Manager) that have been assigned to an individual will follow-up on the progression of the youth once placed in Independent Living.

> Employment Assistance – We will provide workshops to train youth on basic job skills, interviewing, resume building and job search. We will teach youth to communicate effectively and other etiquette skills so that they have the ability to present themselves in a professional and respectful manner in the workplace and in society as a whole.

> Bible Study - We hold a bible study each week on Thursday at 7 pm. Bible study opens with prayer. During the Bible study there is a review of previous lessons and a current lesson. Questions and answers and class participation continues throughout the class. The class ends with a closing prayer. 

> Child Care Assistance- We will provide on-site day care services for individuals with children to assist in progression of self-sufficiency.